The Director’s Welcome

by Dan Cartin, Director of the Office of Legislative Legal Services

Welcome to Colorado LegiSource, the on-line blog of the Office of Legislative Legal Services or, as we are also known, the “OLLS” or just “the drafting office.”  Our blog is a web-based resource that will utilize the writing skills of the OLLS’ nonpartisan attorneys and legal staff to periodically post useful, legislatively related information during the session and interim for members of the General Assembly.

LegiSource’s purposes are both informational and educational.  By leveraging the experience and expertise of our staff in a variety of areas, including specific subject matter of interest, legislative procedure and process, recent judicial decisions and commentary, legislators’ rights and responsibilities, and the Colorado constitution, the blog’s content will stay abreast of the legal issues and questions of the day and be proactive in providing information in “hot topic” areas.

Among the many positive outcomes we hope LegiSource delivers is that the blog’s regular on-line content will both remind and incentivize legislators to follow up with the OLLS staff with additional or in-depth inquiries in particular subject matter areas of interest.  Another is that this forum will allow readers to share feedback and request information in areas of current interest and inquiry.

We feel a little like trailblazers here.  NCSL’s website lists over 50 blogs under “Legislative Blogs”.  With the exception of North Carolina’s “Drafting Musings”, however, all of the blogs appear to be generated by state legislators or the legislative caucuses.  The addition of a blog by legislative legal staff is an opportunity to enter the field that we couldn’t pass up!

So it is with great expectations and excitement that LegiSource is going live as a medium that we hope will be a regular read and a valued legislative resource for the members of the Colorado General Assembly.

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