What are the OLLS subject matter teams?

There are three OLLS subject matter teams:
• Business, Health Care, Natural Resources and Environment Team, a.k.a. the Bus Team
• Fiscal Policy, Infrastructure, Elections, Education Finance, and State and Local Government Team, a.k.a. the Gov Team
• Civil and Criminal Law, Education, and Human Services Team, a.k.a. the Law Team

This specialization allows OLLS staff to gain expertise in particular areas of law and allows those persons with the most knowledge and experience in an area of law to address any needs members have concerning that area of law. When you submit a bill or research request, it is automatically routed to the subject matter team with the expertise necessary to draft your bill or answer your question.

OLLS also has an Administration Team, which includes the front office staff and the Director and Deputy Director, and a Publications Team, which focuses most of its energies on the process for publishing the statutes.